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Theodorus Knegtel



Arthur A. Rauch

Chief Financial Officer


David Hedlund

Vice President of Transportation and Logistics


Dairy Products - USA

Steve Doyle

Commercial Vice President – cheese sales


Nick Reding

Product Manager – Butterfat Products


Joshua White

Commercial Vice President


Ian Miller

Product Manager - Whey Products


Dave Kyes

Commercial Vice President – Milk powders


Sam Lauderdale

Product Manager – Whey Proteins


Andy Sullivan

Product Manager - Permeate & Lactose


Tom Brooker

Product Manager - Buttermilk powder & Whole milk powder


Zach Mills

Product Manager - Cheese Products


Lone Star Dairy Products, LLC.

Jeramy Fisher

Commercial Vice President


Dairy Products - International

Leah Suellentrop

Export Manager – Southeast Asia and India


Fabiana Correa

Export Manager - Mexico and Carribean


Andy Sullivan

Export Manager – China, Japan, Korea & Pakistan


Gustavo Wust

Export Manager - Central and South America


Adnan Mikati

Export Manager - Middle East and North Africa


Specialty Products

Andy Powers

Commercial Manager - Specialty Ingredients


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